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We’ll be returning to in person sessions this August 11!  Check the event page and watch your inbox for details!

DAMA Phoenix Upcoming Events for 2022

March 10, 2022 Real-Time Data Integration and Interoperability Darrell Teague
May 12, 2022 Graph Databases – What Enterprise Data People Need to Know Dave McComb
August 11, 2022 Data Literacy – What it is and why we need it. Laura Sebastian-Coleman
Q4 2022 Data Lakehouse – Data warehouses and data lakes have morphed into a composite data architectural paradigm called a “Data Lakehouse”, leveraging strengths of different technologies together to meet the data volumes and analytics use cases of today. The Data Warehouse is usually where cleansed, standardized, and integrated data is stored while Data Lakes are often used for staging as well as very large datasets. The two together can form a Data Lakehouse which can be used for analytics, often by putting a virtualized semantic layer over top of the data. Speaker TBD

DAMA Phoenix 2021 Events

March 18, 2021 Digital Transformation and the Business Terms Model Steve Hoberman
June 03, 2021 Cloud Data Warehousing Extravaganza John O’Brien, Zeke Bishop, and Brock Cooper
September 09, 2021 Data Fabric and Beyond – Trends in Modern Data Management Architecture Dave Wells
December 09, 2021 Enterprise Data Management Success: Strategic Alignment, Modelling & Human Factors Ron Huizenga

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