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DAMA – PHOENIX CHAPTER is one of over 30 not-for-profit, vendor independent chapters of DAMA-INTERNATIONAL. DAMA-I, known as the Data Management Association, an organization of technical and business professionals, is dedicated to the concepts and practices of Information Resource Management (IRM) and Data Resource Management (DRM).


DAMA – PHOENIX CHAPTER extends these concepts and practices within Phoenix and associated southwest and west coast communities by providing organized lectures, instructional seminars and informal forums for the purpose of sharing information and ideas on data administration, management and design.


The following Bylaws prescribe the ways and means to pursue the business of the DAMA – PHOENIX CHAPTER. These bylaws are intended to provide the background information new board members need to serve as a board member and to chronicle organizational changes that may occur via the bylaws during the existence of the DAMA – PHOENIX CHAPTER (Chapter).


DAMA – PHOENIX CHAPTER Mission, Purpose and Goals


In the pursuit of advancing the concepts and practices of Information Resource Management and Data Resource Management, the Chapter intends to provide a platform for professionals to exchange and develop the ideology and techniques used in these professions.


The purpose of the Chapter is to provide local support for furthering the understanding of data administration, management and design. Also, to provide an open forum for addressing issues related to these fields.












The perennial structure of the Chapter will consist of a Board of Directors and general membership.


Board of Directors


The Board of Directors shall consist of not less than four elected officers from the Chapter membership. The Board will be responsible for making all organizational decisions not delegated to the membership. The Board grants final approval of all Sub-Committee decisions. They will also perform the day-to-day operations required of a fully functioning non-profit organization and shall be entrusted with the protection of the Chapter’s assets.


Board Positions




Rights and responsibilities:



The Chapter will pay for Board approved expenses incurred by the Chapter President in attending one DAMA-I Presidents Council meeting per year. Reimbursement by the Chapter is subject to budget constraints and does not include registration fees or expenses for attending associated DAMA-International symposiums.


Vice President, Administration


Rights and responsibilities:



The Vice-President of Administration or his/her designee shall receive, in writing, all requests for amendments to the DAMA – PHOENIX Chapter charter or bylaws. The Board of Directors shall review each request and decide whether to adopt the amendment.


Vice President, Programs


Rights and responsibilities:



Vice President, Logistics


Rights and responsibilities:



Vice President, Marketing


Rights and responsibilities:



Vice President, Online Services


Rights and responsibilities:





Rights and responsibilities:



Past President


Rights and responsibilities:



Officer positions may be added, removed or changed in scope by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. That is, without requiring a change in the bylaws.


Board Membership Terms and Responsibilities


Each member of the Board of Directors will be an Officer of the Chapter. The length of term for all elected Officers shall be one year. All Officers are elected as individuals. To be eligible for office, an individual must be a member of the Chapter or an employee of an organization member of the Chapter. No formal election is required when there is only one candidate for a Board position. All Officers of the DAMA – Phoenix Chapter must sign and adhere to the Code of Ethics. A Chapter member will remain a DAMA member in good standing of DAMA-International throughout their term in office.


In the event that a current office-holder becomes unable or ineligible to complete their term in office, a 30-day grace period shall be established. During this time, the officer shall re-establish their eligibility to complete their term or shall be required to resign.


Upon the resignation of any Chapter officer, a special election shall be conducted at the next Chapter meeting. This election is to be conducted by the Vice-President of Administration. Should it be the Administration position that is being vacated, said election is to be conducted by the Chapter President. Should a special election be required, the term of office for the incoming office-holder shall coincide with the already established term of office for that position. Individuals elected through special elections shall assume office immediately following said special election.


If for any reason, the duties of an office are not being met, an Officer may be removed from office by a two-thirds vote by the Officers of the Board of Directors (exclusive of the Past President). Causes that may precipitate such action may include, but are not limited to:



DAMA – PHOENIX Chapter officer elections shall occur in the fourth quarter of the year. Each Officer’s term of office will begin January 1.




To be eligible for membership in the DAMA-PHOENIX Chapter, an individual shall have an active interest in data management concepts, products or technology, either as a user or a potential user. All memberships are subject to acceptance by the Chapter Board of Directors.


Each dues-paying member shall be classified by business type (e.g. industry, educational institution, government, vendor or consultant) and by sponsorship status (e.g. individual or organization). The Board of Directors will assign each member classification.


Organization membership is the engagement of a company, educational institution, government agency, or major division of a corporation. Each organization membership is limited to 10 attendees employed by that facility. Multiple organization memberships can be consummated by the same facility. One primary representative shall be designated for each organization membership.




Formal voting for the DAMA Phoenix Chapter may include voting for officers, charter, bylaw amendments and all other formal votes requiring a ballot. Each individual registered as an individual membership in the Chapter shall receive one ballot. Each organization registered as an organization membership in the Chapter shall receive 5 ballots and shall have the discretion to distribute said ballots appropriately.


When a formal vote is required, all individual and organization members shall be notified of the vote, with ballots distributed and postmarked at least 14 days prior to the meeting at which the vote is to occur. The Vice-President of Administration or his/her designee shall receive all ballots prior to the close of voting. Ballots may be mailed or hand-delivered.


Informal voting includes voting for all other Chapter matters, where it is determined that a vote is required. Informal voting shall occur during Chapter meetings by voice or show of hands.




To ensure high-quality presentations, the DAMA – PHOENIX Chapter shall charge annual membership fees or dues. These fees are used primarily to obtain noted guest speakers, to cover DAMA- International affiliation fees, and to cover rental of facilities and refreshments, as appropriate. The costs associated with special functions (e.g. workshops and symposia) shall be recovered separately through registration fees for those specific events.


The membership year shall begin January 1 and ends December 31. As each new membership year approaches, current members shall be invoiced one month prior to the commencement of the new membership year. Non-members attending Chapter meetings shall pay a fee, based on a calculation determined annually, for each Chapter meeting attended. Non-members can attend one meeting without a fee. Chapter meeting fees for members are at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Individual membership fees will be waived for active members of the Board of Directors.


Contractors on contract with paid member organizations are not considered paid members under that organization unless they have been contracted by that organization for more than six consecutive months, or if the organization is in agreement to cover the contractor’s membership dues under their organization membership. The contractor is responsible for membership payment as an individual, or as a separate organization, if they have contracted for an organization for less than six months, or if the organization does not agree to cover the contractor’s membership dues.




DAMA – PHOENIX Chapter shall convene a minimum of four times per year as approved by the President and the Board of Directors. Meeting notifications shall be distributed in a timely fashion to the membership, and shall include information on fees, time, date, location and topic. Maps describing the meeting location shall be included when appropriate.


When possible and to minimize costs, meetings shall be held at member locations. The Board of Directors shall retain the right to rent appropriate meeting facilities when required. The Vice-President of Programs is responsible for the format of each DAMA – PHOENIX Chapter meeting. Said officer is responsible for acquiring high quality speakers in compliance with member described topics of interest. Although not required, said officer is encouraged to engage nationally known or internationally known speakers at least four times during the membership year.


Canons of Conduct


For DAMA-International to best achieve its goals and objectives and fulfill its purpose, the DAMA – PHOENIX Chapter shall adopt the following Canons of Conduct. Said Canons shall govern the conduct of all DAMA -Phoenix Chapter members, member representatives, attendees and guests. All persons that become connected with DAMA-International and DAMA – PHOENIX Chapter shall, during the conduct of business with these organizations conduct themselves and their activities in a professional manner marked by integrity and the spirit of fair play.


They shall…